This was written partly for comic relief, but also partly as a warning to all out there.  The scammers are running rampant, and at a time when everyone's loose with their money, the opportunities are ripe!  Here's a warning in rhyming form

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Here are some ways you can prevent scammers, according to  The article was written a couple of years ago, but I guess noone paid attention to the hints back then, so it's worth repeating.

Here's just one of the tips they had from the article

Often gift cards or tickets sold online through auctions or classified ads have been purchased using stolen credit cards, according to the Internet Crime Complain Center (IC3).  By the time a person who has purchased a ticket or gift card, it is usually deactivated.


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Can you imagine buying these cards and they end up worthless?    Just one thing to think about.  Here are some others.


(The part of the criminal being played by our very own FLOUNDER. - He plays it a little TOO well, don't you think? )

We kid here, but the point remains -  be safe and watch yourself this holiday season.  You don't want someone having a great holiday at your expense (literally)