We have an abundance of deer in the Pine Bush area, where WGNA is located, so we see deer almost any time of the year.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Now is the time to keep an extra watch for the animals especially in many of the wooded parts of the area.

The New York State Police notified WNYT to warn drivers that the deer are very active at this time of the year, and will be through November. The times to be a little more alert are dusk and at dawn. If you see one deer crossing the road, there may be several others right behind it.

I have actually seen deer in places that you wouldn’t expect to. A few years ago, I saw three deer to the side of the off the exit 2W ramp of the Northway, in Colonie. I also saw some deer in a busy area of Delmar. Both times it was this time of the year.