Today is National Cat Day!

Who knew there was a day to celebrate cats!  I feel like my cats think it's "Cat Day" every day!

So, to celebrate as a happy cat owner should, I wanted to share some pics and some stories of my cats with you!  I have had 3 great cats!  Punkin, Patches and Pluto!

Punkin sadly, is no longer with us!  He was such an awesome cat, so chill and friendly!  He was so special to me, I had to honor him today!

Patches came along in 2008!  She was so tiny and so cute!  (She's not so tiny anymore)

Sean McMaster

Pluto joined the family in 2011.  I was hosting a pet adoption clinic with Steve Caporizzo when I found him.  I was under strict orders NOT to bring a pet home...but how could I not!

Sean McMaster

There they are, my family of cats past and present!  Aren't they so cute!  They may trip me as I walk, stick their heads in my water glass to get a sip, knock things of the counter to let me know it's dinner time....but I love them!

Happy National Cat Day!!  Share your pics in the comment section!