This is a pivotal moment right now for both the country and the Presidency.  Let's face it-it's all about the money, honey-

Tonite's speech by President Obama is crucial.  Just the mere mention of job creation could make the stock market soar.  In fact one Congressman, Steve King on website takes it even further: He says the following:

The Dow Jones would jump 1,000 points in a single day if President Obama would give the following speech to the Joint Session of Congress," said King. "Obama needs to tell Congress that ObamaNomics was a mistake.

Sorry Steve, but have you EVER heard a politician say they made a mistake until after they're out of office?(Actually it's a great strategy.  He should say it whether he means it or not, just to get the market back on track!)

With Obama's approval rating right in the toilet, it's just as crucial for his job as it is for ours, so we all have alot at stake.  There's a good summary of this from Wolf Blitzer on CNN's Situation Room.

I personally think it's important for us all to watch this tonite and see where the country is heading.

I think at this point, we're past the point of blame and pointing fingers.  It's about food on the table and the future of the worker in this country.  We need this desperately right now-or we'll all be on the unemployment line with Obama standing there with us  (boy, I wish I knew a political cartoonist)

Do you think his speech will help?  Would love to know your thoughts!