You don't have to finish the sentence.  It WAS a turtle in his pants.  In fact, a MULTITUDE of them.  Why?  Read onAccording to the, a guy from Canada, Kai Xu was caught smuggling.  Smuggling turtles? Yes, of course.  Why not? Authorities, according to the article found a total of 51 of them in his pants.  This isn't the first time.  He's snuck thousands of them in over the years.

He'd order them online and then go to Michigan to make the deal, then ship them off to China, or sneak them back into Canada.

He's made thousands on this deal.  At one point an agent allegedly noticed all these bulges in his sweatpants (no jokes here).  In fact 10 of them were hidden between his legs.

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All the money in the world wouldn't get me to do that - I don't know about you..

It's just amazing what people will do for a living… I just hope he slows down a bit here (act like a turtle)