Almost everyone in the world fancies themselves to be special in some way, shape, or form, but are those beliefs becoming too frequent from young people, according to a study on narcissism.

According to a study from the American Freshman Survey, college students are more likely than ever to designate themselves as gifted and dedicated to success, with narcissistic behaviors increasing 30 percent over the last 30 years.

If you are person in this age range, like myself, who responded to this data by saying "well, maybe our generation is just more gifted than the old folks out there," you would be wrong. Studies have also shown that the current generation of students that think highly of themselves are responsible for lower test scores and study less than previous generations.

Dr. Keith Ablow recently spoke about the trend and attributed the rise in narcissistic behavior to video games allowing people to virtually do things that they could never do, as well as social media inflating peoples' self worth by allowing them to rack up thousands of digital friends, many of which they don't know.

This may be news to many people, myself included, but maybe we aren't as special as we all thought.