Does this mean we will have another warm winter in the Capital Region?

A new study has determined the Capital Region is the least 'bible minded' group of cities in the country.

So what does 'bible minded' mean? According to the American Bible Society, people who ' reading the bible in the past 7 days and who agree strongly with the accuracy of the bible are classified as bible minded.'

According to their study, the American Bible Society determined 10% of the population in Albany/Schenectady/Troy is considered 'bible minded.' This ranked number 100 out of the 100 city areas surveyed. As you would expect, five cities from the bible belt were in the top 5, with Chattanooga, Tennessee topping the list. Some other New York cities were close to us on the list including Buffalo, ranked 96 with 13% of the population being bible minded, and Rochester, at #85 with 19%.

So does this mean we are all going to the bad place? Nah. Part of me feels like here in New York folks do not broadcast their religion as much as they do in the South, which could explain our ranking.  Or, maybe new York is just more diverse when it comes to religion?

Maybe we are just more 'spiritual:' we could be less steeped in religion and the teachings of the bible while living by some of it's basic principles of treating fellow man well and living a good life. Those will both get you to the good place. If not, we better get to spreading some serious goodwill this holiday season!