It's Monday, and everyone needs inspiration on a Monday.   You need a story that will make you say to yourself 'no matter what I have to complain about, after seeing this I'm going to shut up for good!".  Hope this helps to do that for you

The pictures tell the story.  You want to talk about guts?  How many times has this guy been told "Are you crazy?  You're going to become a runner?"  I'm sure he took alot of ribbing about it as well.  Even more of a reason to stand up and applaud Oscar Pistorius of South Africa. Yes, folks, it's just a slight inconvenience to become a runner when you are a --ready for it?-DOUBLE AMPUTEE!   Watch this:


How amazing is that?  I want to give him a standing ovation while being thankful that I CAN stand!

Best of luck to him, and to anyone with a disability, proving once again that it's only a disability if you let others convince you that it is!