It's NATIONAL BEER DAY! There are so many reasons to set aside a day on the calender to stop , reflect and celebrate a great person or cause but I dare say not too many of them as great as celebrating the gift of beer.

Beer has given us so much through the years. A beer can help you share a moment with a friend, a beer can help you mourn a loved one and even help you find the love of your life.
Beer makes most things better, food, football, golf, poker night you name it. And let us not forget that without berr we would not have beer goggles.

One thing that beer has given us that sometimes is overlooked however is great advertising, from a Budweiser  Clydesdale befriending  a puppy to answering the age old question of less filling or tastes great? In honor of National Beer Day I give you what I think is the funniest beer commercial I have ever seen.

I actually blogged about it years ago when it first came out but it's so worth a reminder. It comes from Canada where a beer called Jack Rabbit lets their consumers make their own commercial for the product and enter them into a competition.

Enjoy, perhaps with a cold one.