Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

flickr User, lloydcrew

Two years ago, I decided to home school my two children when I discovered they were falling behind at school and the school didn’t even seem to notice or care. They had “satisfactory” report cards and at teacher conferences they said they were doing just fine – except my third grader couldn’t really read or do basic math, and my first grader was not participating. In our first year of homeschooling, my kids improved dramatically. My family and friends can’t understand why we are homeschooling. They think we are going to cause problems for our kids socially – but it just isn’t true. The kids are involved in sports and music programs with other kids, and we don’t just sit at the kitchen table to learn – we visit museums and take field trips with other home-schoolers. Is there a nice way to tell people to mind their business? Part of me thinks I should “prove it” to the negative people and part of me thinks it’s none of their business anyway.

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