I for one am not a big fan of pranks and April Fools Day but I know a whole lot of you are, so I thought I'd share the antics of this couple with you and maybe you can get some ideas for pranks that you could use today. This couple has a YouTube channel where all they do is play pranks on each other and sometimes they are pretty good.

While it hardly seems like the kind of thing that would make a marriage stronger, they actually seem to have a lot of fun with it, and they must be making a ton of money as each video gets millions of viewers. Although some of these can be pretty cruel.

I've watched a couple of them and the one that I personally like the best is this one where he makes he believe her beloved cat fell from the window of their high rise. Clearly no cat was involved in the prank but I think I would have believed it happened too.

Don't worry she gets him back pretty good with this one where she goes out of her way to make him believe he has just walked in on her cheating.

Honestly, I don't recommend doing these kinds of things to anyone, heck you never know what is going to happen but I guess it's fun to watch others getting pranked from time to time.