April Fool's Day

Hilarious or Mean: Dad Reveals April Fools Day Prank(Audio)
We love a good April Fool's prank as much as anyone, and this morning we solicited for listeners to call in with people's reactions to the pranks they tried to pull off yesterday.  Monday morning, a father called in to the GNA morning show to tell Brian and Chrissy what he did to his 3 kids (6, 8, a…
April Fools Day, Don’t Cross the Line
We've done April Fools Day pranks on the air before and most of the time people figure it out and play along. Those are always fun, but there are some pranks that just get under my skin.
If You Love April Fools Pranks You Will Love This Couple
I for one am not a big fan of pranks and April Fools Day but I know a whole lot of you are, so I thought I'd share the antics of this couple with you and maybe you can get some ideas for pranks that you could use today. This couple has a YouTube channel where all they do is play pranks on each …
Is this Jeff Gordon’s April Fools’ Day Prank? [Watch]
I loved the original Jeff Gordon, Pepsi MAX "Test Drive" and I wanted to believe will all my heart that it was real!
In this video, Jeff Gordon teams up with Pepsi MAX to pull a prank on an unsuspecting automotive journalist who had also questioned the authenticity of the original &…