It's happening everywhere.  No slam on Albany Mayor Jennings or anyone else.  But just letting everyone know what I read in this morning's Times Union.  It's good news, bad news for city dwellers

Accoring to the article, there is a proposed $170 million dollar spending plan being proposed.

The good news? Very few if any layoffs or reduction in basic city services.  More good news.  Businesses will actually get a break in taxation because of the way the math works out.

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The bad?  The residential rate will go up 3%.  So a homeowner with a $150,000 house will pay about $50 more.   Big deal, you say?  What's $50?  Well, it all adds up but it is a little unfortunate when they are trying hard to woo people to move from the suburbs to the city.

Again, if you see what's going on in the rest of this country, you can't complain.  Unless, of course, you own a $150,000 home in the city of Albany.

How much have the taxes gone up in YOUR area?  (Hell, I live in Niskayuna.  Don't get me started.)