If I could get onstage with this guy I might actually have to go on blood pressure medication. I can't even imagine going up there and playing with Billy Joel, but this kid did!

It happened at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.  Piano playing icon Billy Joel was doing a Q and A event with students when one brazen attendee

I'm getting spoiled though.  I've already gotten the chance to perform with Martina Mcbride this year.  That was ALMOST the biggest thrill I've ever had in front of people.

The biggest?  Playing a Billy Joel song (ironically) with our country "Piano Man",  Phil Vassar 

photo by Richie Phillips

But I digress.  This student asked if he could accompany Billy on his classic hit "New York State Of Mind", and good old Mr. Joel went along with it.   Check this memorable moment out!

I know what it must have felt like to do that.  My hands were shaking when my opportunities came up.  I'm sure Michael Pollack must have been flipping out.

Again, we've been very lucky.  If I could spread some Irish luck your way, who would you like to get up there and go onstage with?  Leave your names in the comment section.  Have a great weekend!