Someone slap me.  I'm still not sure if I dreamt this entire thing or not. I couldn't sleep for two nights before this happened and for two nights afterwards.  Everyone tells me that it actually happened, so I'll have to believe you.  Here's a short slice of it

First a quick synopsis of what happened:

4:30PM on Friday 12/14- a Rehearsal -WITH HER!  She came out of her tour bus, walked in through the side entrance of the Palace theater, came onto the stage, smiling and very cordial-like,  with the band already setup  to practice, along with the backup singers, and very cute elementary school ballerinas,  and we did a run through.    The only word I flubbed was the word "Christmas".  (not bad, but not the word to screw up on!)

7:20 PM , same night.  I said hi to the crowd on behalf of everyone at 'GNA, then plopped  down into the audience to watch the first act.  Awesome, as usual!

Photo by Dorrie Phillips


Photo by Dorrie Phillips

8:45 PM or so:   Intermission:   I jumped up, heart in throat, and hustled to get backstage again to ready myself for the "gig".  The schedule said I was to follow "Blue Christmas Video" .  Tough act to follow Martina AND ELVIS!  GULP!

Martina then introduces me.  DOUBLE GULP ...


Of course, that is an excerpt of the entire 8 minute reading! Of course this is from Dr. Seuss's "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas".  (credit where credit is due!)

I would like to take this opportunity to say it was awesome having all of you out there for support , along with my wife, Dorrie who tried valiantly to record the video with my dinky little digital camera.  Awesome job, regardless.  And finally, I was so happy that my mother was able to attend along with good friend Ruth Shulman.   Wish my brother Bill, and sister-in-law Karen could have attended but had tickets to another Christmas show in town already!  So did we, but I obviously had to cancel!

And finally, to a real class act -with a voice that would could angels return to community college for vocal lessons, the incredible Martina.  Thanks for the opportunity!  This one gets filed away as one of my most amazing memories of my career.   Sure this wasn't a dream? 

Photo by Dorrie Phillips