I had the opportunity to go to Memphis back in January to visit St. Jude.

It's truly unlike anything else. You know walking in what it is in simple definition: a hospital. But, that's not what it feels like. What they do in that facility is truly amazing.

They have simply thought of everything to make that experience, the cancer experience a less frightening experience for the children and families that have to be there.

The walls are brightly decorated with paintings of the seasons because there are so many children that can't go outside and miss out. Those same paintings are used as a learning tool as well as a sense of comfort, including cartoon images of children that look just like the kids at St. Jude.

St Jude Credit: Marissa

There are activities for the kids to be a part of that they miss out on otherwise, like kindergarten graduation or a high school prom. They have Halloween celebrations and Santa visits; Music lessons and school classes.

St Jude Credit: Marissa

They have a video room unlike anything I've ever seen. Imagine a circular room that is nothing but a video screen. If there is an ocean scene or a jungle on the screen, it doesn't feel like you're just watching a movie, it's like you're there. As if you can go up to that zebra that's looking back at you and pet him. They give these experiences and so much more, so these children can just be kids, even for just a moment.

St Jude Credit: Marissa

Imagine being one of those kids and saying, "If I could, I would get cancer all over again." That's how McKendree feels because at St. Jude, she met the love of her life, Luis. You can see their story below.


No one is turned away at St. Jude. The treatment is unlike any other hospital or treatment center and the best part is that no parent or family ever sees a bill. That's with your help. Become a Partner In Hope today by calling: 1-800-372-4999