It's almost a comedy around my house.  (Well, I should say that it amuses ME -my wife isn't too pleased about it!)  I can never find anything, and if I do find something, I can't find the matching pair for it. Do you have the same problem?    I even have photos to prove it!   Welcome to my recurring nightmare! 

This is an obvious one, but it seems to be every morning at 4:30am or so when I reach into my sock drawer and try desperately to find a pair of black sox.  Invariably I end up with this.  In fact, on top of our dryer is an entire collection of like minded foot warmers looking for their siblings:


Then there's the issue of gloves.  This ACTUALLY happened the other day. I had to walk the dog, so  I reached into the top of our closet looking for a pair of gloves.  It was a simple request.  This is what I found


Not ONE left glove!  And I'm left handed!   And finally, the ever-popular hunt for the flathead screwdriver !

You would think that, being a Phillips, that this would be the only type of screwdriver available, but i have dozens of flatheads in the house, but can NEVER find them either, and vice versa.

So that's my life.  I'd like to know what drives YOU nuts around the house!  Leave your comments at the end of this blog!