I love surveys.  They are almost always fun to look at and think about and I do think that sometimes they can be very eye opening.  Often times with certain polling groups they can also be quite honest. There are however the just for fun , unscientific surveys that you just have to laugh at.  You read it and say, "I call B.S. "   Here is one of those from Nestle.  Nestle asked Americans all sorts of questions about "fun". One of  those questions was, " What would you do if you were invisible for one day?"

Now, I'm pretty sure you had to select from certain options for this survey so that immediately leaves the really fun things out.  But here are the results. The majority of people, 48% said "play a prank on my friends". 24% of people said, "sneak backstage at a concert". 24% of people said, "spy on people".  and only 10% of people said, "sneak into a men's or women's locker room.

What?  Seriously?  Come on.  Clearly if we are being honest this is probably opposite of the way it really would go.  I think the first thing that pops into your mind is the ability to wander into a place your not allowed to be and see things your not supposed to see. And spying on people? Well that's gotta be way up on everyone's list.  Though i suspect that most people would find out things they really wish they hadn't.  The other two answers I don't even think would enter one's mind really. Play a practical joke on an enemy maybe, but not friends. Unless said practical joke is spying on them in the locker room.

I asked this on my Facebook page and as I has suspected, "spying" was the very first answer and "go into the N.Y. Giant's locker room"  was the second. And this was before I finished and published this blog.   So be honest, what is the first thing you think of?  What would you really do?

God Bless.