There is an old expression that says, "It's a  woman's prerogative to change her mind". However, is it always a good idea? I think not.

I found these two different videos today and while they could go under so many different categories such as, "the dangers of summer parks", or "Parenting 101", I chose this angle to take on them.

A woman, or man for that matter should probably change their minds a lot less and stick to their convictions a lot more. These two videos demonstrate this rule better than ay arguments that I could make on here even if I wrote all day.

Here is first an example of how making a decision, even a bad one,  and sticking to it worked out.

Now was it smart? I can't say but I do know at the end she does yell, "I liked that Mommy!" She made the decision to "go for it" and she quite literally hung on to that choice and things worked out.

What about a young woman who made her decision and did NOT stick to it with conviction, well you will see the results were just not as good.

Ouch... now I assume that both of these girls wound up being ok, and perhaps a little smarter for having had these experiences, let's hope maybe we all learned something as well. If nothing else maybe we learn to keep the camera rolling at all costs!