I have always liked "Jack in the Box", I remember when I was living out west, I loved their tacos. I even have a faint memory of them having restaurants here in the Albany area.  I wish they still had stores even anywhere around here but you would have to travel at least 3 or 4 states away to get to one.

It isn't just the food that makes me wish they were in the area, it's also their commercials. They have no reason to advertise here in New York State so we miss out on what appears to be a franchise with a good sense of humor. This is made apparent by the latest "Jack in the Box" ad featuring none other than Brad Paisley.

I guess the only thing you have to know about the "Jack in the Box" commercials is that there is a "Jack" he runs the business but he isn't quite a normal person he is actually the Jack, complete with big egg like head and cone like nose. This is why I think the commercial works so well, and I have to give Brad credit, I can't imagine it was easy trying to do a scene with "Jack" and keep a straight face. Enjoy.