Nashville-based folk-Americana band Humming House has released 'Humming House Party,' a live album inspired by the Beach Boys' 1965 release 'Beach Boys Party.'

The band performed and recorded the album at the Eastside Manor in Nashville this May, choosing to include the noise from the crowd behind the music.

The band wanted to "capture the fun atmosphere and raw energy of our live shows, [so] we decided to invite 50 of our closest friends to experience the 'Humming House Party,'" says lead singer Justin Wade Tam. "Selecting several previously unreleased original songs, some of our favorite covers and tunes from our debut release, we captured a raucous and intimate live performance we're very excited to share."

Humming House is touring around the East Coast and Midwest, with dates scheduled through September. See their touring schedule at The band plans to release a full-length LP in early 2015.

'Humming House Party' is available for download on iTunes.

Humming House, 'Humming House Party' Track Listing:

1. 'Cold Chicago'
2. 'Stop Me Still'
3. 'Nuts, Bolts, and Screws'
4. 'Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye'
5. 'This Hell Where We Belong'
6. 'Fly On'
7. 'Freight Train'
8. 'Story Time'
9. 'Tower Park'
10. 'My Love'
11. 'Gypsy Django'
12. 'Billie Jean'
13. 'Barbara Ann'