This is today's blog topic  and will be my next parody, by the way.  What a beautiful thing.  Huckabee, a Presidential wanna-be,  rhymes with Natalie, and pregnancy!  Some things almost write themselves!

I know--this is one of the "touchy subjects", but it definitely bugged me when I read it, and wonder how you feel about it.   I'm not taking sides politically, by the way.  I could care less what political party this person represents.  But Mike Huckabee, possible Presidential candidate in 2012, criticized award winning actress Natalie Portman for stating how happy she is to be having a baby with her boyfriend, Black Swan choreographer Benjamin Millepied.  They're not married.  OMG!!!!!!!!!!

Natalie has not responded as of this writing, according to

Here's a question for you?  Why does she HAVE to even dignify what he said with a response?  Can you tell me what business a politician of any kind has calling out someone for what they do in their personal life??    You can read about why he's upset about this announcement, but to me it's none of his damn business, period!

I'm not saying he can't have his own opinions about having children out of  wedlock and other fun topics, but I have to remind you , Mike of what century we're now in.

If that's the main plank of your campaign platform, no matter what the strategy behind it is-you've got a long road, buddy.  She just won an Oscar!  She's gotta be a happy camper right now.  What is the purpose of bursting a person's bubble and using her as the example for your own gain?   She didn't go on the air and thumb her nose at everyone saying "I'm not married, but I'm still having a baby, so the heck with you, religious people!"

I'll accept your comments pro and con on this.  I can take it.  I just can't take someone prejudging someone else without knowing the facts.    Good luck, Huck.  (You are a great musician though, and you seem like a nice guy personally--just throwin' that out there)