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Stop Picking on “My Michele” Bachmann [AUDIO]
Here's another example of the vicious press making a mockery over a political candidate just because of a few minor slip-ups.  So she doesn't know when the King was born.  Big deal!  Ok- so she doesn't know the subtle difference between a world famous cowboy and a world…
Roseanne Barr for President. OMG! [VIDEO]
You know her, you love her, you can't live without her (unless she starts singing patriotic songs).  She's the very funny, often controversial Roseanne.   And she's at it again - this time running for President.  Everyone -run for the hills!
Obama Song Parody. End Of Decade Tribute
I penned this dumb little ditty in 1997, right when the Barachster first started to gain national prominence.  In an unusually bold move, I decided to send this to his campaign headquarters.  We were hoping to get some kind of interview with him at the time, but to no avail. Ahh, you win s…