So many divorced people have this dilemma, there are so many factors involved there is no way to put an exact time on introducing your kids to a new love interest. I do know that I think you have to know you are going to be pretty serious with this person and that they are probably going to be around for a long time.

Think about it from the kid's point of view, they in one way or another already lost a piece of one important person in their lives, I certainly wouldn't want to risk getting them attached to someone else unless I was pretty sure.
Here's today's dilemma: "Been divorced for a couple of years; started dating again. I have dated a few people, but I never let them meet my kids. Now, a few months have gone by -- I really like this guy. When is the right time for him to meet my kids and vice versa? Is there a certain number of dates or a certain amount of time to wait until?

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