Let's cover these topics in reverse order, shall we? Is the old desktop computer now a thing of the past? Very well could be. Let's talk tech..

Boy, I can remember not too long ago when you'd want to dump your old PC and get the   most up-to-date powerhouse of a desktop you could get your hands on.  But according to Slate.com:

PC sales suffered their steepest decline in history last quarter, plummeting 14 percent worldwide


Now the $64,000 question is WHY?  Some say it's Microsoft's fault, and more specifically, Windows 8.  People don't want to relearn their computers anymore so they are sticking with what they have.

But another school of thought is that we don't need them anymore.  The laptop and tablet and cellphone that you have can definitely cover most peoples' needs, and if you need to use a desktop, the one you have at home is powerful enough for years to come.  So basically the computer industry hurt their own business!   Oh, the irony


This will make you App-Happy

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There's a new app out there from your fine friends at Google.  It's called Field Trip.  As you walk around through your neighborhood or city or wherever, the app shows you  key points of interest- kind of like a tour guide.   - for example,  it might tell you that a famous movie was shot here, or it might give you more historical information.  .

Someday though (and that day is coming very soon, it will be able to also serve up location based advertising as well, so as you are walking close to a certain clothing store , it might tell you that they are running a sale on Levi jeans.  Can you see the power of this?

The app is free and for both Android and IOS devices.


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Handy Tech Tip - Printing from your iPad

We hired a gentleman to paint our kitchen by the name of Rob Caloro.  Rob wanted to know if there was a way to print wirelessly from his iPad to his printer.  I told him, "yes! - I do it all the time.  Just pick up a pretty inexpensive HP "Airprint Compatible" printer, and as long as they are both  on the same wireless network , it sets up very easily and works fantastically.

But he didn't HAVE an HP Printer.  So he told ME about Collobos, which is a $20 program that he said was very easy to use, and will allow you to print from your iPad to a non air printer.

There ya go!  Tech Talk for this week.  Have a great day with your gadgets. if you have a question, by the way, please leave it in the comment section and I'll try to get it answered