Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

My daughter is 28, dated a 32 year old man with a 9 year old daughter for 3 years (he was never married). He did not have a relationship with his daughter until my daughter came into his life. My husband and I are very close with our daughter. When she first met this guy her father and I really liked him. We took them both on two separate family vacations where he drank in excess and became verbally abusive to her. He left my daughter in tears and absolutely mortified because he did this in front of us and 6 of our friends. Not too long after that she moved out of their apartment. It has been over a year and she has told me that they are back together, in couple’s therapy and she is moving back in on January 1st. How do I learn to accept this man whom I have seen treat her terribly in front of us so god only knows how he treats her when no one is around. Do I assume therapy has helped him?

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