Yesterday Marissa and I talked about the strike at the Momentive Performance Materials plant in Waterford.

We had received a call from the wife of one of the picketers asking for wood for the burn barrels on the picket line, when I thought to myself, "Gosh, this thing has been going on for a really long time!"

So Marissa and I put out the call on the air for people associated with the strike in Waterford to call us and let us know what's going on.

The brave wife of a Momentive picketer called and filled us in.

The strike against the company has been going on for 51 days as I'm publishing this article. The main grievances of the workers include health care for their families and health care after retirement... among others.  The company doesn't seem to be budging.  While the union workers are picketing, replacement workers are keeping the plant running, but the worry is, how qualified are these temporary replacements?

She mentioned that, while donations of food have been readily available during the day, the overnight workers could use some warm, hearty snacks.  And, since the weather has been extremely cold, the workers would really appreciate donations of wood for their burn barrels.

The woman who called has two small children, and was extremely thankful for the Christmas donations that we given last week.  (See News10 video below)

Word came this morning that a man, Todd Robbins, was charged with third-degree menacing, resisting arrest and obstruction of governmental administration, all misdemeanors. He was allegedly obstructing deputies while they attempted to direct traffic around where Momentive’s employees are on strike.

We're hoping for a safe and fast resolution for the workers on strike this holiday season.

Here's the interview from yesterday morning -