This is a definite first – not necessarily for Met Daniel Murphy but for me.   This might be the very very first time I've ever done an editorial on sports.   Sports is not my long suit by any stretch of the imagination,  but this actually bugged me after I watched  the entire World Series Game 4, and saw the Murphy slip-up.  I feel really bad for the guy.

Yeah – I know. He's now whipping boy. The opposite of the flavor of the month.  He's the fall guy for game four.  With runners on first and second from Kansas City, a ball fired from Eric Hosmer went right under his glove. That faux pas enabled a tie score, which snowballed into the next batter, Moustakas creating the go-ahead run.  (Did I get that all right? )

Now, granted, that was pretty bad.  But if you continue on with the game, wasn't it Murphy who did the amazing double play later on in the inning?  That was genius!  Very quick thinking on his part.  He stopped 2 more potential runs!


Noone's talking about that at all, and now he's getting lambasted in the press. How would you like one little error (ok, big error) from placing you in the record books as the biggest screw up in the history of World Series play?

He's a great home run hitter from the past.  Stop wrecking this guy's confidence.  Lay off of him on Facebook.  Let's put a moratorium on twitter for until at least the next game to see how he fares.  (And I don't want ANYONE trying to rename this DANIEL MURPHY'S LAW, OK?