world series

Free Tacos This Week
I have to admit, after the Yankees were beaten by the Houston Astros to go to the World Series, I really haven't been paying attention. Well, until now. Free tacos are coming our way this week.
Why This Baseball Fan Won’t Watch The World Series
The World Series is tonight and quite frankly I don't care.  Some people have suggested that they will be rooting for the Houston Astros because they are the big league club of our local Tri-City Valleycats and many players on the team have local baseball roots. Not me. No way.  Sorry…
Hey- Lighten Up On Daniel Murphy, Will Ya?
This is a definite first – not necessarily for Met Daniel Murphy but for me.   This might be the very very first time I've ever done an editorial on sports.   Sports is not my long suit by any stretch of the imagination,  but this actually bugged me after I watched  th…
World Series Starts On Wednesday — Will You Watch? [POLL]
The Fall Classic is almost here. Wednesday night the Detroit Tigers will take on either the St. Louis Cardinals or the San Francisco Giants. It all depends on who wins game 7 of the NLCS tonight in what has been a crazy 7 game series. I love my sports but I am not so high on watching the World Serie…
World Series Trophy Coming to Troy
If you just happen to be a San Francisco Giants fan living here in the Albany area, the World Series trophy that your team won will be on display at Joe Bruno Stadium, home of the Tri-City ValleyCats next Thursday, May 5th between 5-7.
Governor Fined Over Yankees
Governor David Paterson was fined yesterday by the New York State Commission of Public Integrity.  The Governor attended game one of the World Series last year at Yankee Stadium, FOR FREE!  Well those tickets ended up costing him