You just can't take me anywhere apparently... I stayed at my best friend's house this past weekend and caused some major damage Thanksgiving morning.

When I go to New Jersey to visit my family, I normally stay at my best friend Suzie's condo. I try to keep my stuff together and out of the way so I don't have to worry about forgetting things when I leave. (Which happens a lot, I left my iPhone charger at her house this time but I digress.) I have a pink toiletries organizer that I got from a friend as a present for being a bridesmaid in her wedding and I always use it when I travel. All my stuff fits in it, I can hang it, and it's the perfect size so it's not in anyone's way.

Suzie told me to hang the organizer from her shower rod last time I stayed at her house so it would be easy for me to get to and it would be out of the way. On Thanksgiving morning, I hung the organizer from the rod and jumped into the shower to get ready. As I was washing my hair, I noticed that Suzie had gotten a new shower rod. A little while later, I noticed that the rod had slowly creeped down the wall and just as I went to move it back up, it fell. I caught the rod, but not before it knocked the picture Suzie had on her towel rack (a 3' x 2' picture of a beach house) with a GIANT pane of glass that shattered into a million pieces all over her floor. I screamed as I watched the picture fall and the glass shatter and I'm sure Suzie thought I was probably dead or something. Needless to say it made a huge mess and poor Suzie had to clean it all up because I was in the shower and couldn't get out because there was glass EVERYWHERE.

The only plus side is that it made for a good laugh for us both and thankfully no one got hurt. Thank you Suzie for saving me and I O U.