Wow- it's been 50 years since the beautiful Empire State Plaza was birthed.  Hard to believe, but it's true.  And there's gonna be a party soon!

According to the Times Union, it definitely has been a half century from the time that they carried all of that marble from Vermont over here and constructed the gorgeous Empire State Plaza.  According to a Wikipedia article they bagan working on it in the late 50's and finished in 1976.

If I recall, they used to call it "Rocky's Folly" because of the criticism that it costs so much money. When you look at it today, you realize that he made the right move.  Can you imagine downtown Albany's skyline without it?

Governor Coumo made a statement about it that you can't argue about

"The plaza offers a number of unique opportunities for visitors to learn more about our state's history and culture, and I encourage New Yorkers and visitors alike to attend one of the many anniversary events taking place this summer and fall."


Google Earth


So keep your eye out for all of the festivities downtown in the coming months.  That's good for the economy down there.  Great for the restaurants, great for the hotels!  Hey - it's all good!















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