Over the next couple of days you will be buying and preparing that Thanksgiving Day feast. Fortunately there are some great deals out there to help for both the big day and the rest of the week as well. Hopefully you have been cutting and saving all your coupons from the newspaper each week, and of course printing some of them from the computer. The trick of it is, you may not see a need or a great deal in say, 50 cents off of "Tide", maybe you usually buy a cheaper detergent so it doesn't make sense to use the coupon if you're still going to wind up spending more. Now, what happens when the store puts them on sale for a dollar off AND you saved that 50 cent coupon you saw three weeks ago, now with the dollar off for the sale and the dollar off you get with the double coupon, the tide is actually much cheaper than your current discount brand. Ahhh, and there in lies the fun.
Let's have a look at this week's printable shopping list.
Shopping List- Price Chopper for the week of November 21st.

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