We'll see how this one plays out, but there is a ruling being proposed in the town of Green Island, NY to limit the amount of pets you can have - mostly dogs and cats.  First, I will summarize the issue in song, and then I will ask how you feel about it.  


If you look in the Troy Record, you can read about the whole issue.  Here's the scoop (no pun intended).   It seems to be more about the excrement on peoples' properties that is the central issue.

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Well, when I saw it was Green Island, I immediately thought of a rather dated TV theme -the "Green Acres" song .  You can listen to it if you are unfamiliar.

I did a quick, and I mean QUICK treatment of it this morning after I heard about the issue.

Here it is. 

   Green Island lyrics ©2013 Richie Phillips
   Lyircs  All Rights Reserved (but you can spread it freely around Green Island)
to the tune of "Green Acres" - copyright reserved for owner.
Green Island is the place to be
unless you own 5 cats and  6 collies
they want to change the rule and here's the scoop
3 pet limit will stop the piles of poop
3 pets that's it-- so stop your crying
I sound like Bloomberg  Mayor Ryan
If right now you folks seem, perplexed
Get ready folks a limit on your kids are next
3 pets     wow
where are we ---Moscow?
we need to vent
If you hate   big government
The. You better not live there



How do you feel about this issue.  Are you FOR it or AGAINST the rule?  Would love to know your feelings in the comment section!  Please, no potty mouth....