SUNY may be a great college but it turns out the sleeping arrangements leave a little to be desired for the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. More then a few Giants have been complaining about back pain and they all blame the beds at UAlbany.


During camp Linval Joeseph, Will Beatty, James Brewer and Marvin Austin were amoung many that complained about the beds. Austin was even sent to the hospital because of his back pain.

There is no proof but both cornerback Terrell Thomas and Defensive Tackle Martin Parker both blame the beds for their back issues.

“Is it a surprise that players have problems with dorm beds?” linebacker Spencer Paysinger asked on Twitter. “Asking 250-350-pound players to sleep on twin beds? Lol common sense.”
Everything can get BACK (get it) to normal for Big Blue because camp ended Tuesday and they can all sleep in their own beds and prepare for their Super Bowl defense.