He's the late, great (no, greatest) comedian of all time in my mind.  George Carlin.  His website is up, but they are updating it with some fantastic, never before heard content

According to Variety.com, George's portrait is going to be unveiled  at the Smithsonian, and in conjunction with that, they are re-introducing his website with unreleased recordings and other goodies.

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There have been so many comedians who have come after him that I feel "borrow" his style of observational humor.  Maybe they do it unintentionally, but nonetheless.  They're all hysterical, don't get me wrong, but I can't not think of Mr. Carlin every single time

In fact, his daughter Kelly keeps the dream alive with a speaking tour that talks about their family life and other personal stories.

Any way to keep him in our eternal consciousness when it comes to humor, I'm all for it, by George (arrf arrf)


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