We had a great time at the Albany Food and Wine Festival at the Hotel Albany. You got an education and a full stomach to boot!

We went with our good friends, the Nelsons to this event. The amount of "beverages" on display was astounding. I'm clueless with this stuff. When I order wine at a restaurant, I just say "can I have a glass of Merlot?" I wouldn't know the difference from if rotgut off the shelf grape juice to fsomething that was aged in a wooden barrel for 300 years in Venice.

But this showed me that there was a lot more to learn. And when it came to mixed drinks and knowing what type went with what type of food, no one explains it better than Yono Purnomo and his staff. He gave a seminar there that was funny and fascinating



If you read the menu, you can see what we sampled. Too much to describe here. You'll have to go to Yono's in downtown Albany to have them spell it out for you in "culinary-speak" when you when you get there.


After all of the wine and delicacies, we wanted coffee, so we visited the barista and got a great cup of cappuccino as well. Plus I finally learned once and for all how to pronounce the word (for all of you that listen to our show!)

It was a great time. Check it out when it comes to town next year, and thanks to Yono and Donna for the invite! (Now if I could only fined the Tums)