This will be my second "Health" related post. Just some tips that I find out there that maybe you haven't seen yet or heard of. Yes when I wrote my first one about ways to lose weight, I did get the inevitable, "Sean McMaster giving health tips?" I know, but remember, those who can't , teach. Clearly I am no doctor but like I said, who knows, maybe you will find a couple things that you can make work for you. These tips I found in Reader's Digest.

1. Listen to relaxing. Relaxation is the key here. When your relaxed, your stress level goes down and you actually chew slower. When you chew slower you eat less, because you start feeling more full, faster.

2. Turn on the lights. It's just like a movie theater, when your in there in the dark that popcorn seems to go down so much easier. The dim lighting, while romantic, lowers your inhibitions and you eat more.

3. Vanilla scented candles. Smelling the vanilla will make you less likely to want dessert. In a study, people lost an average of four and a half pounds a week, just by wearing vanilla scented patches.

4. Eat in a Blue room. This is one of those weird things you just wouldn't expect but researchers found that people eat 33% less when they are in a blue room. The color gives the food a blue tint and actually makes it look less appetizing, the opposite is true of the colors, red, orange and yellow.

Good Luck and God Bless.