For a lot of us this time of year has us realizing we're not as young as we once were. Well thanks to here are Four tips to help you fell younger.

1)  Go to Bed Earlier. Obviously, more sleep equals more energy.  But you have to make it a habit.  Getting eight hours of sleep doesn't make a huge difference if you go right back to getting SIX hours the next night. Since you probably can't wake up any later than you already do, going to bed earlier is the way to go.

After six straight weeks of getting eight hours a night, you'll have more energy, and the dark circles under your eyes will start to fade.

2)  When You Exercise, Focus More on Your Lower Body and Your Core. Men in particular tend to concentrate on upper-body workouts, which are fine.

But if you're feeling old, try doing more lower-body exercises . . . like squats, lunges, calf-raises, or just plain old running. Stronger legs and a stronger core will make you feel lighter on your feet.


3)  Break Out of Your Routine. Even if you eat right and exercise every day, you'll start feeling old if you don't mix things up a little.

Those things can be small, like getting your morning cup of coffee from a different place than usual, or trying a new route to work.

4)  Listen to an Album You Loved 20 Years Ago. Researchers at Harvard University found that when they exposed people to movies, music, and memorabilia from their youth, they were happier and experienced fewer health issues.Now for some of us 20 YEARS AGO is a little tough. I can't see myself rocking to "Wheels On The Bus" so pick a CD you liked when you felt young. lol

Some of them even saw improvements in their vision and memory.

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