A Florida woman pulled over a police officer for speeding!

How many times have you watched a police officer speed by you? All the time, right? But when they don’t have their lights and sirens on, many of us wonder, why are they driving so fast. Now, I am not going to do anything about it, mainly because I have no idea how to do their job and am I really going to get their attention to pull them over to ask them? No.  It's not safe!  And what if that officer was on their way to a robbery where they can't use lights and sirens.  Now they have me to worry about flashing lights behind them wondering if I am in some sort of trouble!

Well, that’s exactly what the woman in Florida did! Claudia Castillo claims a Miami-Dade Police Officer was driving by her going over 80 MPH, possibly 100 MPH. She knows his speed because she admitted to the police officer on her youtube video ( that’s right, she used her phone to record the conversation) that she was going over 80 MPH and he flew by her.  So, she decided to pull him over. Castillo flashed her headlights to get the officers attention. When he came to her car, she called him out on speeding and told him he needs to be careful.


Here's the Video:


Miami -Dade police department said they are investigating the incident.

Side note: How safe was SHE to be traveling at 80 MPH?

So, what do you think? Not just in this case, but, should we as citizens pull over a police officer?