For as long as I can remember, I have loved the nice weather months in the Capital Region for a very big reason: Flea Markets. My parents started me young with it and maybe this is why I'm financially savvy because God knows I'm no millionaire! Whether my parents were setting up at local flea markets to make an extra buck or we were just going to walk around and see what we found, I've always loved it. First of all, being outside in nice, sunny, beautiful weather (which, I'll admit doesn't always happen for these) is amazing. But, to be able to shop around and get some fantastic deals on items that you can't just go and find in your local malls or shopping centers is also awesome!

You can imagine my excitement when my parents told me last Thursday that there would be the annual flea market at Washington County Fairgrounds this past weekend. Do I want to go? Have you met me?!

It was about a 30 minute drive from Waterford through some of beautiful backroads with the farmlands we tend to forget still exist around here.

Farm Country, Stillwater, Marissa, WGNA

When you go to a flea market, the fun of it is never knowing what you're going to find. You might have an idea of what you like in mind, but then something pops up out of nowhere that makes you go, "That! I want!" The, in most cases, reasonable price on it probably helps, too.

Washington County Fair Flea Market, Marissa, WGNA

We strolled around for a couple of hours and while I didn't find much this go around for myself, it's always fun to get different ideas of crafty things to do, too. Fun with old furniture, mason jars, scrap wood, etc. As a former Fine Arts student that stuffs right up my alley and who knows maybe even some of my photos could be printed, framed and sold some time. You really realize what you've got scanning the booths at a flea market that maybe you didn't know could be worth something prior.

It's rare that I find someone that doesn't collect something, or love music, or watching movies, or needs some form of furniture and is struggling to find the perfect piece. I guess that's why I think flea markets are sort of the best thing around. There is literally something for everyone, regardless of what your favorite things might be. Not every flea market will be a "gold mine" for you, but the hunt is the fun part. I'm already excited for the next one, which in case you're wondering is happening in just a couple of weeks and happens twice a year: Guptills Flea Market. On Saturday, May 14th, rain or shine vendors will be set up in the fields next to the roller skating rink/coney express and be selling just about anything you can think of. And you better know I'll be there bright and early!