Everyone has their favorite drink, and they just can’t live without it. I’m not talking booze, I mean a beverage that almost anyone can drink. The drinks that I’m talking about can be hot or cold. And now for my favorites:

5) Coffee

This is my kick start to the day, with my big two cups in the morning. I prefer mine light and sweet.

4) Milk

I now mostly drink skim milk. It’s better for you, although I will admit whole milk does taste a little better.

3) Original Coffee Coolatta From Dunkin’ Donuts

Sometimes I’ll get a little wild and have whip cream on it. Just to set it straight for the record, this is not a product endorsement. I’m just telling you what I like. It is a little different than plain coffee.

2) Orange juice

I like most fruit juices, but o.j. is my favorite. Not that it will take the place of eating the actual fruit, but it is a refreshing way to get some vitamins.

1) Water

Not flavored or power water, just a nice glass of ice cold water, especially on a hot summer day. Tap water is fine. I get the bottled water and after I finish it, I fill it with tap water and put it in the refrigerator.

There’s my list. What are some of your favorite non-alcoholic beverages?