With the warmer weather just around the corner (we hope), you might be thinking about sprucing up your yard.

For anyone that can make their yards look nice, they know that they need places to go to find landscaping materials. Depending on how involved you want to be or how simple you want to make it, there are several places in the Albany area that can help. Depending on what you want could mean the difference of spending a little money or spending a fortune. If you have the extra cash, you can always hire professional landscapers. In this case, I’m talking about the do-it-yourselfers. Here are five places that you can go to for finding what you want and also getting helpful advice about what you have in mind for your back or front yard.


5) Walmart

The patio and garden centers at Walmart are a great place to pick up some annual flowers and plants. These are the plants that only last for one growing season. The prices at Walmart are usually better for your annuals.


4) Home Depot or Lowes

Home Depot and Lowes usually have a pretty good selection of landscaping stuff. Not bad places to go if you know what you want, and help out with a quick fix for your yard.


3) George’s Market And Nursery

George's is in Latham at a fairly new location - 240 Wade Road Extension in Latham. It’s always good to support local businesses.


2) Faddegon’s Nursery

Faddegon’s is also in Latham at 1140 Troy-Schenectady Road. They’ve been around since 1920.


1) Hewitt’s Garden Home Centers

Hewitt’s has eight locations. They also have a lifetime nursery guarantee on some of their plants and flowers.


The last three are all excellent places to get the perennials that you want. These are the plants and flowers that come back every year. They also have a much better selection and knowledge of landscaping stuff like lawn ornaments, plants and tools to do the job. You could even check your local hardware stores. They usually carry some of the stuff you'll need, but it's usually very limited.

A quick tip, because of our climate in the Albany area, it’s a good idea to not do any planting until at least the middle of May. Are you planning on doing any kind of landscaping to your yard? Do you have a favorite place to find your landscaping needs?