Facebook has put a new policy change on hold after a lot of controversy.  Critics argued that allowing third party developers to access Facebook users' home addresses and phone numbers increased the risk of spam and identity theft.

A big thank you to the critics!  Not that I have my home address or phone number posted, but I think that's a pretty valid argument.  Two questions -- why should that information be given to a third party?  And, why do they need or want that information?  If I want you to have my address and/or phone number, I would have given it to you  myself!

Facebook officials are now saying they have made changes to ensure users only share personal data when they intend to do so.  The controversial change was introduced this past Friday and termed as "an improvement."  I doubt giving out any more of my personal information than I have already given could ever be seen as an improvement unless I directly distributed it directly.  Case and point.