Here's a new Facebook tip for you if you are concerned about keeping your life private.  (Is that even possible?) 

Ahhh…the dreaded Facebook privacy issue.  Can you really keep things just between you and whomever?  According to the latest article from, yes you can!

Step 1:  Go to "Privacy" in the settings and look for where it says "Who can see my stuff?'

See it?  OK - now follow step 2 below and you can choose which "sub-group" gets your posts
Facebook 2

There's much more to learn about. Again, go to for the rest.  For example, you can change who sees it by individual post!  I guess we should all be paying a lot more close attention to who sees what.  (Actually, you could sneak on there and change your kid's preferences and they wouldn't even know!!!  Hmmmmmm!!!!)