We had clown on our show (I mean other than ourselves).  They were the stars from Ringling Brothers/Barnum and Bailey Circus, and here to promote their upcoming big show at the Times Union Center.  What we didn't realize is that there was someone in the room who was just a little fearful of the red-nosed devils.

We have a new intern, Amber Heiserman with us.  She's doing a great job.  She seems to be fearless when dealing with the demands of her internship.  Again, we don't know much about her, but we found out that she has a slight phobia.  Clownophobia?  Rednoseaphobia?  I don't know what you want to call it, but she was not a happy camper.

Our two clowns on the air with us


amber clown fear

I was in the wrong position to catch the look of intense fear on her face, but she went crazy as one of the clowns actually leaped in the air and hurled himself at the newsroom window.  This was seconds after that happened.  A                                                                                           Here is the audio :

/                   Later on she was confronted by this bunch of clowns, and after intensive therapy she seemed cured.

Now if only we could get our boss and afternoon drive host, Jake Thomas to get over his trepidation.  All I can say is, "Jake, take a good look in the mirror and just BECOME the clown.  It might help you."

Good, Jake.  Do this ten time a day and you'll be just like Amber.