Lately, clowns have started quite the stir here in the Capital Region.

There have been multiple clown sightings and as Halloween approaches the chances of there being more creepy appearances will only get higher. With all of the media spotlight on clowns right now, one issue seems to be sneaking past everyone: monster discrimination is running rampant.

With all of the hype coming from creepy clowns and the #clownlivesmatter movement, monsters, ghouls and other supernatural forces feel like they aren't getting their collective voices heard this Halloween. This video puts a local ghoul in its cross hairs.

Vick is just a blue collar, regular, 400-year-old ghoul who lives in Troy. He resides in Oakwood Cemetery, to be exact. Vick has been out of work for more than 100 years and times aren't exactly easy for ghouls.

"What is a ghoul and why should I care?" you might ask. Well, that's exactly the point and why you should watch this video.

Fortunately, Vick's story has a happy ending but there are many stories just like his that may not have a rainbow at the end.