She's 19 years old and a former Texas High School cheerleader.  She decided that she liked fishing, but not a big fan of bringing equipment with her.  So she nabbed this fish with her bare hands!  Video below

They actually have a term for this - it's called catfish noodling.  To quote the great Zac Brown, you just JUMP RIGHT IN and capture it with your bare hands.  That's what she did.  It can be pretty dangerous, by the way.  According to , catfish can hide insdie logs or fallen trees.  You might have to poke the area with a stick first.

Once you corner it, you might have to open it's mouth to be able to pick it up.  Holy catfish!

Here's what this cheerleader did!

We should be cheering for HER!  That's nuts!    Would you attempt something like this?  I'd rather watch it on YouTube in the comfort of my own home, like I'm doing right now.