On Saturday, Dec. 22, 2012 Michael's Banquet House in Latham will host a festive country dance party with the 'Patch It Up' Band and a Christmas Show with Elvis!

Christmas with Elvis will be performed by Drew Polsun, an award winning Elvis tribute artist. We recently had the chance to visit with Drew Polsun about his role as Elvis, fun facts about the King, and his country band 'Patch It Up.'

How long have you performed as Elvis?

Actually, I am one of the few Elvis Tribute Artists, (ETA's), that have been paying tribute to the King since he was still with us.

What do you feel is your biggest career highlight?

I have had a few big career highlights. One was when I had the great honor of performing for Edison Pena, one of the Chilean Miners who was trapped for 70 days and was ingenious in figuring out how to exercise and how to re-frame the stressful situation with humor and by singing Elvis Presley songs, as seen on the David Letterman Show. Over one billion people on the planet were transfixed watching the heroic rescue of the 33 miners. After Edison received the First International Survive And Thrive Award, my performance was a surprise for him. It was an awesome time I will never forget. Click on the following link to watch the video of The Humor Project video when I surprise Edison. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2z0rAHUp2G8 Another unforgettable moment was when I performed on the Las Vegas Hilton stage where Elvis himself performed over 800 shows. I was chosen to perform in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Elvis' Las Vegas Hilton performances of the greatest entertainer of all time. And last but not least is the heartfelt letters I received through the years from people saying I have touched or changed their lives for the better. Some of these comments you can see on my web site. One I will never forget and still get choked up when I think about it, is a letter I received after doing a show for the Gold Star Mothers. This letter is not posted on the web site because I choose to keep it private and always in my heart.

What is one fun fact that you learned about the career or life of Elvis?

The most fun fact about Elvis was his genuine sense of humor. No matter what song he was recording or what movie he was making, he always had time to fool around or pull a prank on someone. Here's a story Joe Esposito told me. Elvis wasn't a drinker, but tasted some peppermint schnapps and liked it. So he had Joe stop and get a bottle of it. Later that night at the hotel Elvis drank a little to much and said he was going to bed. Joe received a call from Elvis saying he didn't feel well at all, so Joe ran to his room and knocked on the door. Elvis opened the door as Joe was in a panic and asked what was wrong, and Elvis threw up all over the front of Joe. Standing there looking at Joe wet and smelly Elvis said, Oh, never mind, I feel much better now and closed the door.

What is your favorite Elvis song to perform and why?

Many people don't realize that Elvis sang over 800 songs and I am proud to say I know every one of them. Sometimes when you sing a song and you can get lost in it, especially Gospel. It's hard to name one certain song because there are so many and it changes from time to time. But one that will always be one of my favorites is, "I'll Never Know", because it reminds me of how much I love my wife.

In addition to the Elvis tribute show, you also have a country band. Tell us about the 'Patch It Up' band?

I chose the members of the Patch It Up Band very carefully. Top notch exceptional musicians and vocalists, to say the least. Each of which have too many very impressive career highlights to name here but can be seen on my web site. Mr. John Adams (Rhythm and lead guitar, Vocalist), Mr. Barry Jones (Keyboards, Vocalist), Ken Stronach (Drummer), John Marcil (Bass Guitar), and (Donna Lee) Vocalist. For the Vegas style Elvis show we include The Sweet Fascinations which consist of my Wife and Sister Inlaw (Donna Polsun and Rhonda Pierce), Dancers and Back-up Vocalists and Leanna Polsun my Daughter (Little Egypt Belly Dancer). Elvis had Charley Hodge to take care of his scarves and water and I have my Daughter In-law (Kristi Polsun).

Courtesy of elvisdrewandyou.webs.com