You know, the Weiner scandal is all very interesting.  Makes for some good jokes that we can all giggle about.  And did you hear that Charlie Sheen might get a new sitcom?  That's all well and good too.  But is anyone paying attention to THIS news?  Who's minding the store?

Hate to bring the party down, peeps, but things are not pretty.  Check out this article about Wall Srreet from the Business if you really want to shake.  Layoffs being planned in major banks.  The US could lose it's AAA rating!  The S&P 500 could lose 10% MORE of it's value soon.  Look at the state workers being laid off in NYS according to

Talk about stress inducing news!  Whenever I'm stressed, I don't know about you, but I turn to music for relief. Well, at least temporarily.  Then I change the words to match my mood.  Want an example?
Recovery blues final by WGNA-FM


How are you keeping YOUR sense of humor during these rotten times?  Would love to know.  In the meantime - keep smiling!