It looks like we will break the record for the lease amount of snowfall in Albany this year.

Punxatawny Phil predicted it on Groudhog's Day, and it looks like it's happening in Albany: Early Spring! We topped 50 degrees over the weekend, and according to the National Weather Service we will do so again this Thursday.

Which brings me back to a post I wrote last month. It looks like we will most likely break the record for the lowest seasonal snowfall in one winter in Albany. The record was set in 1912-1913 when only 13.8 inches of snow fell. According to the US National Weather Service of Albany, we have only gotten 10 inches so far this year. They also say the meteorological winter ends February 29th. So unless we get a storm in the next week, the winter of 2015-16 could be one for the record books!

Now, you know what this means. Start getting ready now for next winter because we are going to get slammed!